June 11, 2021

VRL Tracking

VRL Tracking

VRL Tracking online for courier, consignment or parcel.

VRL Tracking for consignments, courier and parcels is available on this website. VRL Tracking status online provides multiple options to track your consignment, current location, expected delivery date and time. VRL Logistics provides a receipt for every consignment. If you are the recipient then request for photo of the receipt via WhatsApp or email from the consignment sender. You will need the consignment number to track it online. Sometimes the local VRL Courier collection officer might request for a photocopy of the receipt as well. Read more on the documents required for collection of your consignment here: Documents Required

Below are the steps for tracking your courier and parcel shipped via VRL Logistics

Step 1: Locate your consignment number or LR number:

Your VRL Shipment or consignment number is located to the top right corner of the parcel booking receipt. It is usually a 10 digit code with a bar code indicator as show in below image.


Step 2: Launch the Tracking website:

Enter the consignment number you identified from step 1 into this website link http://www.vrlgroup.in/cr/Lrtrack.aspx and click on the search button.

Step 3: Identifying current status of your consignment:

Once you enter the consignment number then you will be able to view the “Booking Details“, “Vrlopn Details” and the “Loading Details” section as show in below picture.


The Booking Details Section mainly covers From and To city/location names. The location is mentioned as city name like “JUNAGADH” or a mix of city name and the area name like “BENGALURU KALASIPALYAM”. This way you will be able to identify in which office location the courier has arrived. If no area name is mentioned then you should clarify the collection center address by calling the VRL customer support number mentioned in the consignment receipt. The booking details section also includes the booking date, weight of the consignment and number of bags/covers/bundles.

The Loading Details Section covers the list of Transit city names the consignment is arriving at. For example if your consignment is arriving from “Junagadh” (Gujarat) to “Bangalore” then each transit station is represented by a row item containing “Loading From” and “Loading To” columns. The top most row represents the final destination city/location information.

The Vrlopn Details Sections provides the actual consignment status if it has arrived at the destination. If the consignment is still in transit then this section would be empty. If the consignment has arrived at the destination then you it will have the status information similar text as “Material At: …....”. If the consignment is been delivered then you will see the status text as “Material Delivered” as shown in below picture.


Identity Proof Required To Collect The Consignment:

  • Individual: If the consignment was shipped to be received by an individual name then you need to carry a photo copy of government provided ID proof. (Example: Driving license, Passport, Aadhar, Pan Card etc.)
  • Company / Firm Name: If the consignment was shipped to be received by a company or a firm name then a representative or the authorized individual can collect the consignment on behalf of the company/firm. The authorized individual need to carry a photo copy of government provided ID proof along with company /firm seal (For Seal or a Authorized Signatory Seal). Please note that if there is any mismatch in the company seal name, spelling compared to what  is mentioned in consignment then additional steps could be taken to prove if it is intended recipient. To avoid such confusions, ensure that you communicate your company/firm name properly while the consignment is being shipped.