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VRL Bus Tracking

Track VRL Bus Online is one of the key features available in all of 900+ VRL bus fleet across India. Travelers prefer VRL Bus service due to its timely departure and arrival times. Because of traffic conditions the bus schedules impacted causing delayed departure and arrivals. In such conditions travelers would like to locate and track VRL Bus online so that they can estimate the delays and plan accordingly. Below are the steps how you can track VRL Bus location in real time using your mobile or desktop computer.

How To Track VRL Bus Online

With Mobile in your hand just follow the below steps to track your VRL Bus Location

  1. Open the link in your mobile or desktop browser
  2. Type in your VRL Bus Booking TR Number in the text box. If you have booked your VRL Bus Ticket Online then the TR Number will be mentioned in booking confirmation SMS and/or Email. TR number will be available in ticket printout if booked through an agent.
  3. Click on “Get Bus Location” button.
  4. You can view the allotted Bus number along with bus location pointer on a map.
  5. Zoom the map to pin point the exact location of the bus.


Track VRL Bus Online

Real-time Traffic Information

The map shows real-time traffic data and is color coded highlighting the traffic conditions. You can zoom the map to view the traffic conditions near your departure boarding point or to your arrival drop-off location. This way you can estimate the delays that might be created due to traffic conditions and the impact on your travel schedule.

VRL Bus Real Time Tracking

New Tracking Features

We will soon be introducing additional tracking features which can help travelers plan better. If in case you have any suggestions then please provide your valuable comments below.

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  • In Hyderabad 0530pm boarding time destination time 0630am but vehicle started at 0700pm in haway and driver answer about destination time will 1000am it’s west of time waiting on road in hyderabad

  • Also provide the halting points on the map, last halt, next halt and finally the forthcoming drop points after entering the destination city.

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